Continuing Education

Hope Advanced Veterinary Center invites you to join us for Facets: A Veterinary Continuing Education Symposium. These events cover a wide variety of topics and are completely free to attend.

Upcoming Facets Events

Save the Date — April 2, 2017 – Rockville, MD

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What is “Facets”?

Veterinary medicine is a jewel of innovation, compassion and excellence. Each individual working for the improvement of animal health is an important aspect of that jewel and like crystals growing piece by piece, new ideas and techniques are always being added. The Facets CE Symposiums celebrate these different sides of veterinary care by exploring all areas of medicine, technical support and management. And most of all, we are always listening to the feedback of our referring community to find the next facet to add.

We want each Facets symposium to be as useful as possible for every attendee. That’s why we have crafted this event as a multitrack experience. With this layout, veterinarians and technicians can create their own unique CE day by choosing which course interests them most with new choices every hour.


Each technician presentation is geared towards the practical, hands on job of a veterinary technician. Veterinarian lectures tend to be more advanced; However, technicians are quite free to attend veterinarian lectures if they so choose. (Please note: The above “schedule” is for explanation purposes only.)

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