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Archive: September, 2017

Media turn to BluePearl for tips about pets and hurricanes.

If you live in hurricane-prone states such as Texas and Florida, you have to prepare for storms well in advance — and that means making sure you will be able to care for your pets. BluePearl veterinarians recently spoke to media about keeping pets safe, even as Hurricanes Harvey and ... Learn More

Veterinary publication tells how BluePearl saved a Yorkie named Maddie

Medical care gets more sophisticated all the time, for humans as well as animals.  Increasingly, the best treatment methods used in human hospitals come to top-notch veterinary hospitals such as BluePearl’s. That’s why the veterinary publication dvm360 told the story of how BluePearl used four different types of medical imaging ... Learn More

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Don’t let pets suffer in silence

NEW YORK – When we have pain, we can explain where it hurts. Our pets aren’t so lucky.  Fortunately, there’s growing recognition about pain, both in human and veterinary medicine. People are starting to ask, “if my pet is in chronic pain what can I do about it?” That’s why ... Learn More

PetMD turns to BluePearl expert on dental health

Did you know some dog breeds are more likely to develop dental problems than others? And did you know there are experts in  veterinary dentistry? The popular website PetMD wanted to know more, and so they turned to BluePearl’s Dr. Donnell Hansen, who is board-certified in veterinary dentistry. Read the ... Learn More

Kristi on the mend after eating rat poison

This is a belated thank-you for your wonderful care of Kristi, my 12-year-old mini dachshund. I brought her in on May 7, after discovering she had eaten rat poison. I visited her every day during the week she was in the hospital, and you always took the time to answer ... Learn More

Very satisfied with the attention from doctor and staff

I visited the BluePearl hospital in Midtown Manhattan with my dog, Alma. She is a 7-year-old Shih Tzu. It was an appointment with cardiologist Dr. Gretchen Singletary. She is a specialist who was referred to us by our veterinarian. The staff members were ready for us immediately, and they got ... Learn More

Is it safe for my dog to go swimming?

Swimming is a fun, healthy activity that provides relief from the summer heat. Many pet owners wonder, “Is it safe to take my dog swimming?” According to Dr. Chris Cook, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at BluePearl pet hospital in Grand Rapids, swimming is a healthy activity for dogs as long ... Learn More

Story of the “Hero Pit Bull” goes viral

Slayer was treated at the BluePearl hospital in Brandon, Fla. after being bitten by a venomous snake. Dozens of television stations, newspapers and other media covered the story of Slayer and Paco, two pit bulls who were bit by a venomous snake in Brandon, Fla. Slayer attacked and killed the ... Learn More

Little Cooper survived a venomous snake bite

On July 18th, I had no idea what would happen. Like usual, I let my dogs, Cooper and Winnie, run around outside for a little to play. Before I know it, I’m being called by my dad that one of my dogs, Cooper, was bleeding and something was terribly wrong. ... Learn More

Porcupine quills and dogs

In many regions in the United States, a casual evening hike can quickly turn into a prickly situation for your pet. Porcupines are not usually aggressive, but they do scare easily if approached by a curious dog.  When frightened, they release sharp quills which can lodge into your dog’s skin ... Learn More

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