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Falkor’s Story

Sometimes the story of a woman and her dog is as much about loving her dog as the lifestyle they share.  This is one. Falkor, a 14-week-old white fluffball, joined Geri, her partner, and her partner’s Collie, “Burger,” in February 2013.  Geri taught K-2 special ed, and wanted the structure, ... Learn More

Scooter’s Story

Bill Bugenhagen grew up with dogs, and loves them.  But, he says, “I’ve never been a pet-dependent person,” and hadn’t as an adult had dogs of his own. Then in 2001, he says, “My girlfriend had a co-worker with an 11-month-old puppy he needed to sell due to life changes. ... Learn More

Jerry’s Story

Longtime pet foster parent Melissa Freels had cared for 12 pets who had gone on to forever families. Then along came foster #13.  Jerry, then a 2-3-year-old Pomeranian mix, never left. “The way it all happened,” Melissa begins . . . “Jerry had been with me since December 2012. In ... Learn More

Arwen’s Story

Bill and Chris got Arwen, a beautiful purebred Rough Coat Collie, as a “six- to seven-week‐old teensie puppy, ” says Bill. “We’d gone to a breeder in Lebanon, picker her out, and went home to wait for her to be old enough to leave the nest.” The day they picked ... Learn More

Bella’s Story

A beautiful Vizsla who will soon celebrate her 12thbirthday, Bella was the first purebred Tamara Wecker ever had. “I was the girl who brought home strays and rescues,” she laughs. But her then-husband had always loved and had them, and when Tamara’s dog passed away at age 15, “we went ... Learn More

Zee’s Story

Steve Munt’s family was on a routine run to a shelter for rabbit food in 2011 when they met Zee, and fell in love. “We brought her home, and she instantly enriched our lives, and has brought great joy to all she has touched,” says Steve. Within months, the family adopted two ... Learn More

Protect your pets from deadly heat

On these summer days, if you are feeling hot, your dog is feeling hotter. Dogs don’t sweat like we do, so they have to rely on panting, which is not as effective at cooling them off. Heat stroke can happen fast, and its effects can be devastating for a pet. That’s why ... Learn More

How to clean your dog’s ears and prevent infection

Dogs love to dig, swim and roll around – creating many opportunities for their ears to get dirty.  Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of regular grooming routine and it prevents painful infections. Board-certified veterinary dermatologist Dr. Jill Abraham explains how to clean your dog’s ears and identify ... Learn More

Elvis has left the hospital — thanks to some expert veterinary care

Elvis, a 7-year-old Cairn terrier, was bitten by a deadly coral snake in Texas.  But the team at BluePearl’s San Antonio hospital on Broadway was ready to help Elvis fight back. They put Elvis on a ventilator,  an example of the sophisticated equipment and care that is available to pets at ... Learn More

BluePearl’s fight against canine flu makes news in Kentucky

BluePearl’s Louisville hospital set up this Mobile Medical Center to help treat suspected cases of canine influenza A particularly contagious strain of canine flu has been surfacing in various areas around the country lately, so BluePearl’s Louisville hospital took a forward-looking approach by setting up this Mobile Medical Center.  Dogs ... Learn More

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